How to Get a 2nd Grade Girl to Like You

… as told by a second grade boy.

One of my favorite parts of being a stay at home mom is afternoon carpool. Not actually sitting in line waiting (although that’s when I get most of my Twitter and Facebook time in!) but the part where I get to eavesdrop on the kids as they talk about their day.

Yesterday was one of the best car rides home yet.

I just smiled as I listened to my second grade son recap some “tips” his buddy gave him about getting a girl to like him.


Pretty much since we returned to school after Christmas break, Bug – my seven year old son, has been all about the girls. He has had two major crushes. Eva and Sarah. Well, unfortunately, Eva was crushing on another boy, JD. I haven’t heard much about Sarah lately. Maybe she’s started crushing on JD too.

But clearly  – Bug is still interested in getting a girl to like him. And JD must have all the answers because nine girls have a crush on him. So, being a good friend, JD decided to give the boys some instructional tips on how to get a 2nd grade girl to like you.

get a 2nd grade girl to like you

JD’s “Tips to get a 2nd grade girl to like you”:

1. You’ve got to wear your back pack in a specific way. Two straps is no good. One strap only. Like this:

backpack tips

2. Look at them and give them cool hand signals. Like the pointer finger out, thumb back (kind of like a trigger hand) with the click of the tongue. Like this:

get a 2nd grade girl to like you

OK, so we’re still working on our coolness factor, but you get the idea.

3. Now this one was apparently a big deal. You have to wear a long sleeved shirt with a button down collared shirt over it. BUT – do NOT button the buttons. That’s imperative.

4. Your hair needs to be fixed just right. You can comb it neatly to the side, or a mo-hawk is cool. But it’s gotta be brushed.

and finally…..

5. Just BE COOL.



Well… apparently these tips work. Because JD has nine girls chasing after him!

There’s no doubt JD has charisma. He had the total attention of this particular group of boys, who just drank in every little piece of advice he could give them. I had to laugh as I imagined them, gathered around JD, trying to memorize every little detail he gave them.

And my son must believe they’ll work – because for the first time in a long time, he actually combed his hair this morning.

Go get ’em Bug!

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0 thoughts on “How to Get a 2nd Grade Girl to Like You”

  1. I was just blogging tonight about how kids sometimes date each other. Turns out that’s a thing. But right now I’m feeling kind of grateful my 7 year old still thinks it’s weird. I’m too tired for him to be a ladies man.

    Your little guy is pretty adorable, though!

    1. Yes, I’d prefer it was like 6th grade before all of this started, but at least they’re only talking about shirts and book bags… not kissing! 🙂

  2. This is hilarious! I think the mohawk must work because Biz often sports a mohawk and I’m told he’s quite popular. He tells me all the time that he has a big group of girls who chase after him at recess. He says he doesn’t like girls yet, but I think he likes the attention. 🙂

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