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  • Stories about moms making the world a better place for their children through social action (non-political, please!)
  • #whyImomvocate – short to medium length posts about why you got involved in some sort of political or social cause, organization, endeavor – but no inflammatory content; take a stance, do it respectfully please.
  • Stories about issues that matter to moms and parents
  • Stories about raising tweens and teens
  • We are looking for real, honest, funny or heartwarming stories of surviving the #struggleofthejuggle.

What advice do you want to share with other moms? What tips, tools, and resources do you have that you can share? How have you survived a difficult, challenging, or unknown-to-you experience?

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  • All submissions must be edited and fully proofread. Poorly written submissions will be turned down.
  • Recommended length is 400-800ish words.
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We like real, honest stories of motherhood and surviving the challenges that come our way.

This is our most popular piece ever: The Elephant in the Room by Summer Smith.  This lovely essay is about how Summer found out her newborn had something wrong, and how they dealt with the medical diagnosis. It’s real, it’s full of heart, and it appeals to anyone who has gone through a similar struggle.

Another popular post: 10 Lies Parents of Teens Tell Themselves by Marcia Kester Doyle 

We love posts like this: From One Special Needs Mom to Another

We will only share stories that celebrate other moms, not criticize or tear them down.

We accept syndicated and original content.

We do not accept submissions that promote a particular product or company. Sponsored posts are $175.  We also offer sponsorship slots for our podcast. Learn more HERE


These posts can be original or previously published on a writer’s blog or other website (as long as the writer has permission to republish elsewhere) and are republished here in full. These posts include an author bio with links to the writer’s blog and social media profiles. Writers are compensated via PayPal based on unique page views for a period of 30 days, according to the following scale:

*0-999 unique page views = $0.00
*1,000-1,999 unique page views = $10.00
*2000+ unique page views = $20.00