Sinead Dunne

Sinead is an Irish mom of five, living in the UK educating women on how to have a successful business and family life.

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We laughed so hard in this episode. You are going to love Sinead!

In this episode, we talked about:

  • Her journey to acupuncturist, health coach and empowering moms to have successful family and business lives.
  • Inspiring her children to be entrepreneurs.
  • Time management with 5 children and a business.
  • Appreciating herself and not trying to be super mom.
  • Coffee enemas!
  • Apple and ginger as an afternoon pick me up.
  • Alternate and naturopathic ways to detox.
  • The mom community and friends that you need.
  • How your worries change as a parent when your kids grow.
  • The importance of setting aside time with your girlfriends.

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More about Sinead:

Sinead Dunne is the Founder of the Extraordinary Mompreneur Community, an online platform to support and educate moms on how to build a Successful Business & Family.

When Sinead is not working you can find her hanging out with her family and living the beach life in the UK.

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