Kendra Hennessy

Kendra Hennessy is a mom and entrepreneur who helps women become homemaker-ish.

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In this episode, we talked about:

  • The Boss Mom Retreat.
  • How she moved from cleaning houses to coaching people into being homemaker-ish.
  • How stressed moms get about being clean for the cleaning person to come.
  • Doing a FB Live during the podcast interview.
  • Alexa’s very messy office and lack of “homemakerish.”
  • Shifting your mindset to be grateful for things like laundry because that means that you are able to afford those clothes that you have.
  • Her biggest tip of “The less that goes in, the less that goes out.”
  • Setting up a decluttering schedule once a week or once a month.
  • Home management and how moms are the default house managers.
  • Dividing everything up equally and setting expectations for everyone in the house.
  • “Horizontal surfaces are the BFF of clutter.” It teaches everyone in our house and our own brains that it is a place to store stuff and you become clutterblind.
  • Homelessness for your stuff inside of your home is a real problem.
  • You need to fix the mindset issue first.
  • The difference with Europeans’ mindset and Americans’ mindset on stuff.
  • “If I lost this, how long would it take me to realize it’s gone?”

More about Kendra

Kendra Hennessy is a coach and home management strategist, and the founder of Mother like a Boss, where she helps busy modern moms become homemakerish. Her mission is to redefine homemaking in the 21st century and make the difficult (and sometimes boring) parts of running your home smoother through simple systems, routines and mindset shifts. She lives in upstate NY with her husband Adam and their two spunky offspring, Ava and Everett. Kendra is a Girl Scout co-leader, a podcast and audiobook junkie and a coffee lover. She loves helping moms go from reluctant homemakers to confident home management mavens.

Finding Kendra:

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