Amy Simpkins

Amy Simpkins is a former space engineer turned business coach entrepreneur with 3 young children.

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In this episode, we talked about:

  • Her journey, where, after years as an engineer, she woke up and realized this was not what she wanted anymore.
  • When she heard “Maybe in 10 or 15 years you will be able to do this.” and how it made her feel.
  • Being a two entrepreneurial family.
  • How her parents influenced their children on the path from dreams and goals to reality.
  • Instead of trying to influence our children to follow a traditional job to make a living, help them find a way to make a living with their dream or passion job.
  • How she applies her engineering background to engineering life.
  • Sibling rivalries and spacing out our children.
  • How she manages her business and parenthood.
  • Her complex family schedule and how to create pockets of time for business.
  • How to make time for each other as a two entrepreneur household.
  • The important steps she took in her business.
  • The benefits of slow evolutionary growth so that you grow alongside your business so you can be ready to scale.
  • No matter where you are, we all have the need for structure and process and we all have the need to be imaginative and creative.

More about Amy:

Amy Simpkins is an entrepreneurship coach, speaker, and vision architect. As an MIT-trained engineer, she architected complex missions to outer space. Now she’s applying those proven technical design principles and big-picture mindset to help you shift your business from POSSIBLE to PROFITABLE. She helps her clients craft clear, cohesive, big-picture visions for their business, and then use an iterative implementation approach to make those visions reality, creating revenue and unstoppable momentum along the way. She offers coaching, courses, and workshops. Amy lives with her entrepreneurial husband and three crazy kids in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains outside Denver, Colorado.


Finding Amy:

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