Happy Birthday, America

I spent Independence Day with my family, and stayed off social media for most of the day. It was really refreshing and just the recharge I needed, but I hopped on the mic the next day because I really wanted to talk about what our role is as mothers in advocating for a better world and a better America for our families. I’d love to hear your feedback and have a open conversation, so take a listen.



In this episode, I talk about:

  • Our role as mothers  in social justice activism, no matter which issues we care most about
  • The common ground that we all start from, regardless of our political affiliation or  religious views
  • Why Lose the Cape has chosen to take a stand on certain issues and how that aligns with the values of Lose the Cape
  • My transition to becoming more politically and socially active as a mom
  • Changing my mind on an issue after being educated on it
  • What it means to be a momvocate
  • The issue of apathy, and lacking civility in discourse


How You Can Help:

  • This article from Refinery29 explains the family separation issue, and provides links to organizations that are actively working to help these families at the border. This is an issue where money TRULY makes a difference as all these families need legal representation and have to pay massive fees/fines in order to move forward with their cases. (PS Did you know that you can donate your airline miles to help reunite families? More info HERE.)
  • Moms Demand Action advocates for common sense gun laws. Visit the website to find out how you can get involved locally. (Check out our podcast episode with MDA Chapter Leader Jennifer Rosen Heinz.)
  • MomsRising is working to create a more family-friendly America.
  • Register to vote and exercise your right to vote.
  • Read Brené Brown’s book, Braving the Wilderness



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