Alexa, Nancy, and several of our contributors to the new book “The Mom’s Guide to Becoming Socially & Politically Engaged” talk about motherhood, activism, advocacy, why we wrote the book, and what it means to #MOMVOCATE!

In this episode, we talked about:

  • What it means to be a #momvocate
  • Why we wrote this book
  • Why our contributors, Katie Spencer White and Maria Dismondy, contributed to this book and the inspiration for their essays
  • Why we need to be engaged in talking about political issues and especially in getting out to vote

The 4th Lose the Cape! book has launched! The Mom’s Guide to Becoming Socially & Politically Engaged (& How to Raise Tiny Activists!) is available now on Amazon! Be sure to get your copy now! (Print version available November 6th!)

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The Mom's Guide to Becoming Socially & Politically Engaged

A guide book to help moms see how they can get involved, from very small efforts to massive efforts and everything in between, regardless of political affiliation. Click here to listen to the conversation!