Samantha Rodgers

Samantha Rodgers is a mom of one daughter and a foodie who loves sharing her food journey.

Samantha Rodgers

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In this episode, we talked about:

  • Samantha’s story of how food has affected her life.
  • The Paleo diet and the life change that happened with that transition.
  • What happened to eating a healthy diet when Samantha had her daughter.
  • Eating Clean Cooking Dirty.
  • How having Stella changed Samantha’s priorities.
  • Eating Paleo on a budget.
  • Meal planning the easy way.
  • How Samantha’s meal planning service works.
  • Samantha’s me time ritual.

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More about Samantha:

Heya! I am Sam and food is in my blood. I love the way it brings people together, the way it allows us to share our culture without speaking and the way it touches our memories with all our senses.

How I Started: My love of food is influenced by my Jewish-European background and world travels. However, after dealing with a lifetime of digestive issues, I discovered the Paleo Diet and became obsessed with Clean eating. Eating Clean has improved my digestion, sleep, energy level, skin and overall health. I am constantly creating (mostly) Clean recipes influenced by my experiences to feed my people.

After Motherhood: After having my daughter, my drive to create healthy meals and share my love of food has multiplied. As a full-time working mom, making this happen requires planning and strategy; you probably know, it’s a lot harder than it sounds. Weekly meal planning and recipe development have taken on a whole new dimension.

Today: After sharing my plans with friends and family, I realized that I had an opportunity to help families eat well without sacrificing time and money. The Weekly Meal Plan & Prep is an affordable no-brainer way for you to access delicious Clean menus along with the detailed guide to have them prepared and at your fingertips during your hectic week.

Finding Samantha:

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