Month: May 2016

“In-Public-Alone” And The Cast Of Characters You Meet

There’s no exercise in being scrutinized quite like taking 4+ kids to a public place alone.  If you feel invisible in this world, contact me, and I will lend you my children so you, too, can know what it’s like to have every. person. in. the. building. watch you. I am never a better parent than in-a-restaurant-alone scenario.  …

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Letting Myself Go

Letting Myself Go [bctt tweet=”Ugh, I thought, I am really “letting myself go”” username=”naomipelss”] I saw a photo of myself that someone had taken on the weekend and it wasn’t real flattering.  Wow, the camera really does add ten pounds…or more…I thought.  I have really put on weight.  Then today, as I was heading out the …

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Midnight Madness

Why does this happen at 2AM? Awakened by mysterious forces (a.k.a. my now 8-year-old “sneaking” into our bed), my thoughts were busy enough to keep sleep at bay. I am the kind of human who isn’t human if not allowed to sleep for at least 7 hours a night. Eight hours is my sweet spot …

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