Are These 5 Common Mistakes Holding You Back From Having An Organized Home?

Picture this familiar scenario—You’ve worked hard all day getting your home organized just the way you want it. You turn around and in a blink of an eye, it looks like a tornado came ripping through your house. What gives? How does this keep happening? You have a Pinterest board packed with home organization tips, books, magazines, and you’ve read your fair share of blog posts on the subject. Do you feel like your fighting an endless battle? Well, it’s time to throw in the boxing gloves.  Are you making these five common home organization mistakes?

Home Organization

1.  Organization Is Personal

A simple search for home organization tips on Pinterest will pull up what seems like an ever endless amount of awesome and smart organization tips. These great tips may work really well for some, but it doesn’t necessarily guarantee that they will work specifically for you. Use tips that you find from other people’s organization systems and use it as inspiration to customize an organization system that works for you. It’s imperative to remember that any one way is not always the right way. Your organization system is more likely successful when you organize your life based on how you live it.  It may take some experimenting at first to see what works best. Use the trial and error method, if it doesn’t work; tweak your plan or try something different.

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2.  Plan With Foresight

In order to stay organized, organization; should be logical and easy to maintain. If you decide to keep coats and jackets in the upstairs bedroom closets, you’ll most likely end up with a pile by the front door or draped over places they shouldn’t. You may have had a long tiring day and the last thing you feel like doing is walking upstairs to hang up your coat. Place items that used regularly by the area it is most often used. Make note of areas where clutter seems to pile up and place a storage system there to end piles of messes. Always make a point of putting items away, right away, and not leaving them out to put away later.

3.  Always Remove The Clutter First

When you’ve finally decided to take the plunge to get organized, it’s likely that you’ll be really pumped about getting your home organized and in tip-top shape, so your first step is going out to buy a car load of storage containers. DO NOT, I repeat DO NOT bring more STUFF into your home before deciding what stays, what goes, getting rid of the clutter, and deciding exactly how many storage containers you actually need.

4.  Sometimes The Simplest Solutions Are The Most Effective Solutions

It’s important to remember priority when it comes to organizing your home. Don’t get caught up with over-organizing. Trying to organize items into tiny categories, ends up causing you to become easily discouraged and less likely to finish organizing the rest of your home. Identify the problem areas. These are areas where you aren’t able to find or access items as easily as you could or should. You want to organize your life, not just organizing your stuff.

5.  Procrastinating

Sometimes, the smallest of steps in the right direction end up being the biggest of steps. Tip toe if you have to, but take the step. You need to make organization a daily priority and blend into your daily routine. Ignoring the clutter, won’t make the clutter magically disappear.

Taking a little time each day to stay on top of your organization makes a HUGE difference in keeping your life happy and organized! Do you have any awesome organization tips that you want to share? Comment below and share your knowledge!

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