6 Home Decor Renovations to Do While the Kids are Away

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6 Home Decor Renovations to Do While the Kids are Away

You’ve got a great idea for a home decor renovation. It’s going to look so great when it’s done.

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If it’s a fairly simple transformation, you might complete it while they’re are at a sleepover. Got a more time-consuming task? Step up your plans. Perhaps a long weekend with the grandparents or a week at summer camp? With your offspring safely ensconced elsewhere, you can focus on your mission and get the results you want in the time you have. Check out these examples of home décor changes that are best saved ‘til the kids are away.

1. Add Interest to Your Entryway

Maybe it’s time to spruce up your front door area: a new coat of bright paint, some shiny new hardware, a few attractive plants. You’ll be outdoors for this, so find a couple of days with good weather. Also find another place for your kids. You don’t want them unsupervised inside the house, but popping in every few minutes to check in will slow you way down. On the other hand, if the youngsters are running around outside, you’ll have to watch them like a hawk.

2. Beautify Your Backsplash

Kitchen renovations are notoriously expensive. Give the room a whole new look at a reasonable price by installing a new backsplash. This project is doable but messy. You need to rip out the old covering, cut the ceramic, glass, porcelain or stone tiles, attach them with adhesive and finish with grout. It takes concentration to get great results. Plus, the kitchen may well be unusable for a couple days. Farm out the kids to keep the chaos under control.

3. Clean up Cabinets

Restore the natural beauty to bathroom or kitchen cabinets by stripping and staining them. You need strong chemicals for clearing off the old finish and apply a new coat. Plus, these storage areas will be out of bounds for a while. Their contents will have to go somewhere else. With kids around, this would be, at best, an inconvenience, and, at worst, a real hazard. Keep little ones safe by getting ‘em out of the way.

4. Add Some Air

By adjusting its direction, a ceiling fan helps keep a room cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. You may not use your air conditioning as often, saving you money. And if you don’t have central air, ceiling fans will make your family a lot more comfortable. But think of the process. You’ll be dealing with electricity while standing on a ladder. To stay safe, you need to give the job your undivided attention. What’s more distracting than children? Ship them out for the duration.

5. Get a Grip on the Garage

For many families, garages are more than just places to store cars. Folks stockpile equipment, toys, tools, bicycles, paint and anything else they can’t find a home for. Once you’ve cleaned out your garage and followed through on your plan, you’ll know exactly what you have and where it is. No more buying a new tape measure because you can’t find your old one. When the kids want to go for a ride, their bike helmets are handy. And when the garage is organized, it’s more likely to stay that way.

You want the kids out of the house for this endeavor. Inquisitive hands might want to “help” you sort through everything that’s piled up. But you know best what should stay or go. Need heavy-duty cleansers or chemicals to clear up grease or oil? Definitely not child-friendly. Installing racks or shelves for wall and ceiling storage will be a lot simpler with no one underfoot. You also might find some toxic substances that call for safe disposal, not curious fingers.

6. Fix the Floor

Got sturdy hardwood under old and worn carpet? Ripping it up and refinishing the floors is a big job. But if you’re up for the challenge, you don’t need to hire specialists. You do need to find a temporary home for the young’uns, though. The room will be out of bounds for days. You’ll be sanding and creating dust, then cleaning it up meticulously. Kids make it difficult to do anything meticulously. And mixing children with power tools is just an accident waiting to happen. Got a renovation idea? Start making plans. You’ll need to assess your needs, assemble materials and schedule your time. While you’re at it, find another place for your kids to be. Everyone will be happier, and the job will go more smoothly. Then the whole family can enjoy the results.