6 Things I Have Learned From Having Boys

Lessons from Raising Boys

Raising Boys

I have sons and although they all have very different personalities, there are certain things they have in common because they are boys.  I’m not saying that all boys act this way, nor is this limited to only boys.  However, I tend to see some “themes” that I believe to be common among the young male population.

  1. Boys have a need to wrestle.  This desire to horseplay, wrestle, and roughhouse with other males cannot be tamed.  As a mother of boys I have learned to just allow for this to happen.  Occasionally I yell out a warning such as, “Don’t come running to me if you get hurt!” which falls on deaf ears.  Most recently I caught myself saying, “Put the chair down, you are not John Cena!”  My eldest son assured me one time when they were wrestling, “It’s okay Mom – this is how we love on each other”.
  2. Boys need “currency” to help them engage in socialization with other boys.  Lately, my boys have an overwhelming need for Pokemon cards.  They NEED them to trade with other boys at school.  Before Pokemon, my son took Lego to school to trade.  I think perhaps it is easier for them to enter a play situation if they have the latest “fad”.  Other children come running when they bring out their cards.  It gives them something to talk about.  It bonds them together. [bctt tweet=”Boys need “currency” to engage in socialization. #boymom #momlife” username=”losethecape”]
  3. Boys can be messy.  Don’t get me wrong, girls can be messy too.  My daughter’s room is definitely a good example.  But boys seem to be a little more carefree with dirt, mud, bugs, messes, and general dishevel.  My one son cannot eat without spilling something on his shirt.  Every time.  It doesn’t seem to bother him.  If my daughter or I had mustard on the front of our shirts, we would feel the need to change it right away.  Not him.
  4. Boys can be very physically active and use sports as an outlet for their energy.  Most boys like gunplay, superheroes, and sports.  They find empowerment and confidence through mastering skills in sports and role-playing positions involving good vs. evil and saving the world.  Give them a cape, a ball or a stick and they will most likely be happy.
  5. Words involving body parts or bodily functions also known as “potty talk” are incredibly funny to most boys.  My boys once had an entire ten minute conversation using the word “poo” in each sentence.  They were laughing so hysterically I had a hard time stopping it. I don’t think they ever outgrow this either.
  6. Boys still need as much love and affection as we give to our girls.  Although boys may not seem to be overly affectionate or perhaps as open about their emotions as girls are, they need our love just as much.  We need them to know how much they are loved.  So after you wrestle your boy to the ground, don’t forget to wipe the mustard off his face and give him a big hug and kiss.

What have you learned from raising boys?