April Grant

Moving Checklist

A couple of years have passed since my last major move, and hopefully, it will be the last for just a little while. Since I was very pregnant, I had to get organized so I get things done in time. Over the years, I’ve easily moved more than a dozen times. However, this last time, I had to develop somewhat of …

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We Were All Two Once

Dealing with tantrums … is hard enough without other people trying to interject. Kids will be kids. Toddlers have tantrums. “Come on, kids. Let’s go!” Two pairs of feet rush past me to their dad who’s standing next to the car. One pair of feet is obviously missing. “Come on. Let’s GO!” Silence precedes the sound …

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Later Suckers!

Parents’ lives are swamped by suckers… little suckers who take a lot of time and energy from us on a daily basis. No matter how few or how many children, you could easily pack out an entire day with chores, errands, after-school activities, work and family obligations. After having my fourth child, I knew I …

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