Author: Naomi Pelss

We Are All Struggling

  He’s struggling.  She’s struggling.  I’m struggling.  I think we are all struggling. “The struggle is real” has become a very common catch phrase.  It’s often used for tongue in cheek...

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I’m Raising a Loser

Yes, you read it right. Now before you go sending me hate mail, let me explain. Today my husband and I took our third child bowling on a special day out.  He is seven years old.  We are all quite competitive in nature so it was...

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It’s Not Fair!

“It’s not fair!”  How many parents are really tired of hearing that phrase?  I know I am!  It seems like I am hearing these three little words a lot lately. My friend and mother of five children agrees.  She says those...

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Taking a Trip

Our family took a weekend trip away on Easter weekend for our son’s hockey tournament.  We took our four children plus our daughter’s best friend. The kids had a lot of fun but I am exhausted.  Taking a trip is not...

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