To me, the hardest part about motherhood is how much of ME I feel like I have had to give up.

That sounds petty and selfish and just wrong… but I know that I’m not alone when I say I miss the freedoms I had before children. I miss being on my own schedule, going places whenever I wanted, traveling, and so many of the other “pre-kids” luxuries.

That does not lessen the love that I have for children. That does not diminish my ability to be a loving mother. But it does cause me some stress from time to time. Both from the aspect that I feel guilty that I long for those freedoms, and I worry that I’m not being a good enough mother to the littles because of it.

I know that this time with small children, in the long run is short. I do my best to embrace it and cherish it, while keeping enough “me” in my daily life for sanity.

But sometimes, maybe I get a little off balance.

I’m so thrilled to be over at BonBon Break today talking about these feelings and pondering the question –  Am I Enough?

I hope you’ll hop on over there and read it. It’s one of my favorite pieces because it’s just real. And I share a peek behind the curtain into a therapy session!