brick wall coach


Welcome to our Lose the Cape Podcast sponsor, The Brick Wall Coach!

The Brick Wall Coach is Pamela Lewerenz, who started out with a side-hustle bookkeeping business in 2009.

Pamela says:

In October 2014, while on a two-week vacation in the Outer Banks, I made the decision to leave my full-time position as an elected Revenue Collector to pursue my dream to be a business consultant. I gave myself a year to grow my business. For the next year, I worked double-duty, working my job days and building my business in the evenings (and sometimes well into the wee hours of the morning!) But it was all worth it!

In November 2015, I opened my virtual door as a full-time business owner and haven’t looked back since! Since that time, I have changed focus, re-branded and continue to grow my business. I now have two businesses: an online business management firm and my newest venture, the Brick Wall Coach which is concentrates on one-on-one and group mentoring!

I have worked with all types of people including coaches, consultants, financial services professionals, the arts, healthcare professionals, entertainers, politicians, eCommerce, and more!

I am one of seven children and grew up in the era of The Waltons, Mary Tyler Moore, disco music, Saturday morning cartoons, and 8 track players. I am a proud mama to five and loving gramma to five. Some of my hobbies are photography, beachcombing, gardening, baking, reading, geocaching, meditation, traveling, and hiking.

When I am not working, I enjoy spending time with my family and friends, volunteering in my community, and setting off on fun adventures to explore new places with my husband.


The Brick Wall Coach offers a monthly coaching package. Aimed at growth & focus, this package includes:
Three private hour-long sessions in a monthly period where we will identify your business objectives; set actionable goals; and work on achieving them. Includes support and accountability check-ins.

This is an ideal for the business owner that:
Needs that extra “push to success” or assistance with growing their business to the “next level”
Wants genuine, inspirational, purpose-driven help on his/her journey
Wishes to be held accountable for her actions, goals, and planning


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