Cape’s Off to April!

I am so excited to relaunch our Lose the Cape podcast series There’s Just Not Enough Time in The Day.

After a VERY long break from this podcast series, we are back! I actually recorded this over the summer, but never found the time to write it up and publish. (Sorry April for the long, long, long delay!)

lose the cape

April Grant writes at the blog 100lb Countdown. April is the mother of three young children. She’s a blogger, a writer, and an advocate for healthy lifestyles, and a fitness coach. She started her blog to journal her weight loss, and then wound up getting pregnant… a couple of times.

Now she writes about healthy wet loss strategies and healthy diets.


In this episode we talk about:

Meeting April through Janine Huldie of Confessions of a Mommyholic

April’s blog 100 lb countdown

How much we love minivans even though April’s husband is adamantly opposed to driving a minivan!

Good resources April recommends to keep her day on track:

Google Tasks and Google Calendar

Reading other blogs of other stay at home moms – gives her a way to connect with other moms when she can’t get out to meet up with her own friends.

She also enjoys listening to the Lose the cape podcast and other great podcasts in her free time.

We talk about husbands (particularly ours) and their sometimes warped expectations of their wives – especially the stay at home wives.

I hope you’ll click on over to our podcast with April Grant!

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