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Last week in our Podcast Series “There’s Just Not Enough Time in the Day” we interviewed the gorgeous Bev, who runs her own jewelry business at Linkouture. I had a really great time chatting with Bev.

She is a new mom, and I loved re-connecting with that perspective.

Bev is balancing running her own business from home, blogging, and taking care of her infant daughter.

I asked her a few questions about tips, tools, and resources, and I absolutely loved that she mentioned she loved the book The Mother of All Meltdowns and recommends it to all of her friends. (Jennifer and Alexa are both contributing authors to this book, but swear we did not tell Bev to put a plug in for it!) She loves the book because it really demonstrates the point that not all moments of motherhood are perfect, we all struggle, and that’s okay! She said the book really helped her realize she didn’t have to succumb to the pressure of feeling perfect as a new mom.

Another resource she uses to help her manage her day is the Pomodoro Timer App.  I had not heard of this and was intrigued. Bev talks about it in the interview and she also is going to write up a post for us about it, so listen to the podcast and stay tuned for more on that!

Happy Monday, and remember, all mothers are perfect… you don’t have to be super mom!

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Thank you Bev!!



Bev is an early childhood educator turned small creative business owner and blogger who recently added “mom” to her list of job titles. In between doing her mothering thing, you can find Bev designing and making jewelry. You can check Bev’s jewelry and writing on her website, Linkouture. Bev can also be found on Facebook,TwitterGoogle+, and Instagram.