I hope you caught episode #3 of “There’s Just Not Enough Time in the Day!” with Stacey M. of HaPPPPy Mom! If not, it’s never too late! I’ll post it at the bottom of this!

dealing with a child with anxiety

I really enjoyed chatting with Stacey. She is, quite frankly, amazing. I learned quite a bit from our conversation. First of all, she’s the mother to SEVEN children. All natural, no sets of twins! She is a SAHM, but still finds the time to be a writer, a blogger, a podcaster and a public speaker. She runs like a crazy person to keep herself sane and is currently training for her first marathon.

Stacey loves to inspire and help other Mothers learn how to manage Motherhood without feeling overwhelmed.

We talked about some really important things on this podcast.

Dealing with child with anxiety being one of the most important.

Stacey shared two posts that she has written about dealing with a child with anxiety. If you are living with a child with anxiety, I highly encourage you to read these posts.

Mayhem Management

Dear Teacher

Most important resources as a busy mom:

Growing Up Brave: Expert Strategies for Helping Your Child Overcome Fear, Stress, and Anxiety by Donna B. Pincus

Stacey says this is her manual for the tough times.

Peaceful Parent, Happy Kids: How to Stop Yelling and Start Connecting by Laura Markham. This is a book I need to invest in for SURE.

Stacey’s Best Advice:

“You will make mistakes… but you will survive. Enjoy the journey!” And please listen to the full interview!

You can find Stacey online at Happppy Mom  for help with overwhelm or her personal blog Stacey’s Mothering Moments for her thoughts on Motherhood.




Cape’s Off to Stacey!

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