My 2-year-old Sleeps with Us and I Like It


It’s funny that of all things to really get people fired up about, co-sleeping is one of them. I mean, who CARES if I sleep with my kid or you sleep with yours?

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My son was the first to get booted. He slept in his own bed as soon as he stopped breastfeeding, at one year old. I was quick to kick him out. I wanted my bed back. I wanted the space and I certainly wanted to be alone in the bed with my husband.

My eldest daughter lasted a little longer. Between becoming a stay at home mom and moving across the¬†country, the already attached little girl didn’t jump out of bed. She stayed as long as she could, well beyond the entry of her little sister. But when I had two little beings in my bed on the regular, one of them had to go. Of course, it was the older daughter.


Then Came the Third Child

Then there was the baby. She’s not a baby anymore. She’s almost three. She breastfed the longest, over 18 months, still touching my breast on occasion and saying “milk”.

At this point in time, she’s also my last. We have no plans to have another.

Something about that idea, that fact, has me stuck.

Butterfly goes to bed with her sister every night in their own bed. After bath-time, we read stories, we say prayers, we talk until one of them starts yawning.

I love our bedtime routine.

But then, around 2 a.m., I hear a noise. Sometimes, it’s a whimper, other times it’s a cry. Then come the footsteps. I move over ever so slightly to make sure she has room.

She rolls into the crook of my arm and sleeps through the rest of the night.

I wish I could say that I’d like her to go back in her bed. And those nights where she is a manic sleeper, I’m all for it. I wake up and take her back to her bed.

It’s our special time together

But those nights where she’s tired, and calm, and still, I love to smell her clean head and lay next to her.

I look at her and admire the beauty of little people, how small their features are and think of my son, which age she will one day become. I think of her innocence, what she doesn’t know and what she does, understanding how much she’ll learn in just a few short years.

This may be the last time I have this opportunity, to hold a child so small, to cradle them and to love them unconditionally.

What are your thoughts on co-sleeping? Do your toddlers sleep with you?