It started with a desire for connecting moms

Growth is exciting, isn’t it? For a long time, I didn’t know what I was going to do with Lose the Cape. Would it be a hobby? Would it be a passion project? Would it be a business? I started the podcast because I was home with the kids and I needed adult interaction. I needed to know what other stay-at-home-moms were doing. And then I started a business… and the blog and podcast have evolved with me.

Over the last 6 years, I have gone through periods of dormancy… I have struggled with the mission, purpose, and whether or not it was something I wanted to continue building.

I have struggled with vision. Were we trying to be the solution for every mom? Or were we trying to segment? I didn’t know. And it showed in the lack of strategy. I watched other bloggers who launched the same time as me soar high, while I stagnated. But I knew my mission was important. I knew I would find my way. So I didn’t give up.

Several people have told me to give it up. They have said that it’s a distraction from the other things that I have going on in my business. It takes too much time and WHY are you investing money into running this project that brings no money back in?

I didn’t always know WHY.

They were probably right. But something kept me connected and I refused to let it go. I guess that’s why we call them passion projects.

I’m on a mission of connecting moms

In the last couple of months though, I’ve begun to find my WHY. I’ve realized my role through Lose the Cape. It’s not only to encourage and inspire mothers who are struggling with the challenges of motherhood. It’s to raise an army of women who feel inspired to make the world a better place for their children, but also for themselves.

It’s to create a place where it’s okay to say, I want to be more than just a mom. A place where you want to inspire and encourage your children to be brave. Or maybe you want to encourage the other women in your live to be brave with you. Where we look at the world and we say, “That’s not good enough.” And then we find ways we can fix it.

We’re not giving in. We’re not going away. Instead, we’re growing. I brought Nancy on as a co-host. She is equally as passionate as I am about being involved, using our voices, raising children to be socially and politically aware… she’s a great partner.

In case you haven’t figured it out, I’m a dreamer. I have massive hopes and goals for what I want to accomplish. I want to support other women. All women. I want to help our children see their value and understand the important role that they will play as they grow. I want to surround myself with other women who also feel this incredible stirring to make the world better.

This last launch of the Lose the Cape, Ain’t Nothing but A Teen Thang, reinvigorated me! It reconnected me with the Lose the Cape spirit.

Now I’m ready to push my fears of failure and rejection aside.

Will you join me?

I hope so.

To do so, I’ve got to grow my team. If what I just said resonated with you and you’re looking for a way to be involved and earn a little extra income each month… please apply to be our Team Member!

I want someone who wants to grow WITH us!

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