Easter Fun for Toddlers

Five Ideas for Easter fun for Toddlers

Have you ever considered having an Easter themed play-date for your toddler and his or her friends? Easter egg hunts are fun, but they can be overwhelming for toddlers, especially if older children are involved. So why not plan your own play-date with fun activities that are sure to actively engage your toddler? We have some ideas for Easter fun for Toddlers.

Easter fun for toddlers

Here are five simple and fun ideas for an Easter themed play date for toddlers.

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  1. Start the play-date with some silliness. Toddlers love to giggle, so start with some silly songs or dance, or even put on a silly sock puppet show. And of course, do the bunny hop!
  2. Bring out the Sensory bin. Take a big bin and fill it with pastel colored items. Blocks, shapes, balls, plastic Easter eggs, and other fun items. You can fill it with the green Easter basket grass to make it soft, and let the toddlers enjoy finding and exploring the different items.
  3. Make an easy, no mess craft. A perfect craft for Toddlers that makes no mess is a tissue paper Easter egg collage. You’ll need multi colored tissue paper, cut into a bunch of small squares, a colored piece of cardstock cut into the shape of an egg with the center cut out, and sticky backed paper. Stick your egg onto the sticky back paper, and show your toddler how to place the pieces of tissue paper onto the sticky back paper. It’s an easy, no mess craft, and at the end you have a beautiful “stained glass” egg to display.
  4. Decorate Dyed Easter Eggs. Allow toddlers to decorate previously dyed Easter eggs with crayons and stickers. This allows them to decorate without moms stressing about egg dye everywhere.
  5. Make a fun snack. You can have the little ones “paint” Easter egg shaped sugar cookies. With just a few small brushes, colored frosting, and the sugar cookies, the children can paint their own eggs and then eat them! Or check out the sidebar for some other fun snacks.

Easy, cute Easter snacks

Rice Krispy treat Egg Nest. Adorable nests made from Rice Krispies with colored jelly beans or chocolate candies as the eggs. Find the recipe at: http://www.ricekrispies.com/recipes/robins-egg-nest-treats

Simple Four Ingredient Easter Chex mix. Chex mix, mini marshmallows, jelly beans, and candy melts in pastel colors. Combine Chex mix, marshmallows, and jelly beans in a bowl. Melt the candy melts and drizzle over the top. Serve in cupcake holders.

Easter Peep Pops. Use long lollipop sticks, push Marshmallow Peeps through the stick and stack them.