A Beauty Routine That Will Only Take 5 Minutes

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For the Women on the Go: A Beauty Routine That Will Only Take 5 Minutes

Regardless of how busy you are, it’s important to take time for yourself. If you aren’t practicing self-care your well-being will suffer. You don’t need to book an expensive weekend spa getaway or do something drastic. Instead it’s about mindfully practicing self-loving routines on a daily basis. This can include your beauty routine. It doesn’t need to be an hour-long undertaking. You can accomplish this nurturing act within five minutes.

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Here’s how:
1.) Wash your Face

You want a blank canvas before you start applying any make-up. Begin with warm water, not hot as it can aggravate your skin leaving it flaky, dry and itchy. Don’t scrub your face — – it isn’t a kitchen frying pan with cooked on food. Be gentle and loving towards your skin. The American Academy of Dermatology advises against washcloths and sponges in favor of using the soft tips of your fingers to apply a mild cleanser

2.) Pat your Skin Dry

When you’re done washing your face, don’t rub your skin with a towel to dry it. The action of wiping with a cloth is hard on your skin. Make sure to dab and pat your face with a towel. This will remove the excess moisture without any aggravation. Ensure the towel you’re using is in good condition. This doesn’t mean having to buy new towels all the time — – instead it’s about resolving small issues such as stains, odor and harsh texture.

3.) Apply Lotion with SPF

Next step is to make sure your skin is moisturized and protected for the day to come. This means applying a lotion and sunscreen or a face cream that contains SPF. There are many products available for various skin types and needs. This not only prevents your skin from feeling dry and looking flaky, it has long-term benefits too. The sunscreen will keep your skin looking fresh for many more years and can also help prevent cancer. The American Cancer Society reports that skin cancer is the most common cancer with approximately 76,000 cases of it expected in 2016 alone.

4.) Add Foundation & Concealer

It is and does exactly what its name says — – establishes a foundation for the rest of your look. An evenly applied, thin layer of foundation creates a uniform appearance to your skin. It’s important that you find the right shade of foundation to match your skin tone. It’s also vital that you consider your skin-type when purchasing a foundation. For areas that require a little extra attention and coverage, such as dark circles under your eyes, age spots or pimples, dab some concealer on these areas.


5.) Now for Some Color

It might seem crazy (and a waste of time), that you just spent the first four steps taking away variations in color and now you’re applying hues back in. The color you’re adding is to brighten your appearance in the right places. Blushes and bronzers are you best bet for this as the pigmented powders enhance your skin. Blush adds a gentle flushed appearance to your cheeks. For a sun-kissed look, apply bronzer on your cheeks and if you like, also on your nose, chin and forehead.

6.) Mascara

Bring some definition to your eyes by applying some mascara. By supplementing your eyelashes, your peepers will look more awake and open. There are many ways to maximize your mascara and what it does for your look — – all-possible with a few seconds and a couple of swipes of your mascara wand.

7.) Lip

Just the idea of having to reapply and double check your lip stick color is annoying. However having moist lips is part of complete look. Strike a balance between style and function with lip balm. Many of these products are color free, while others come with tints. Whichever you choose, keep a container in your make-up kit as well as at your desk, in your purse and car. By applying the product at the beginning of your day and when you need it afterwards will keep you looking fresh and thriving.

I read somewhere that Kim Kardashian takes something like two-hours to get primed and primped every day — – time most of us don’t have or want to devote to applying make-up. Besides, you don’t need to spend that much time in front of the mirror on your beauty routine. You can care for yourself and be ready to face the day in five-minutes if you follow these seven simple steps.


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