Envisioning Fun for the Family

Family vision board

The Family Vision Board

March is almost halfway over! Boy has that time flown by. Had it been last year, I would have missed a lot… a lot of fun.

However, this year, I started a vision board. Between December and the beginning of January, chatters erupted all around me about creating vision boards. NCBW, a non-profit that I volunteer with, decided to hold a vision board making session for its members. This session was the start to my new year.

I made a vision board before, based on Oprah’s recommendation, relayed to me by my cousin. I won’t say it didn’t work, but it was only mildly successful.

This year, I found out why. I lacked specificity. I mean, I thought I was specific, but after a talk at church, I realized that I needed more.

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Here’s how I envisioned fun for the family (ie, what we’re putting on our family vision board):

  • Have quarterly parent-child dates (mommy-son and daddy-daughters)
  • Have monthly dates with spouse
  • Have monthly game nights
  • Have a monthly family outdoor activity
  • Two family vacations

Sounds pretty specific, right?

Now check this out:

  • Daddy-daughters date on the second Wednesday of the third month
  • Mommy-son date on the second Sunday of the third month
  • Date night is first Saturday of the month
  • Game night is the third Friday of the month
  • Outdoor activity date is the fourth Saturday of the month
  • Family vacation #1: Atlanta for Thanksgiving
  • Family vacation #2: Disney in February

All of the elements are the same, but this time, I’ve attached a date that we can actually put on the calendar, so that we don’t miss anything.

This process of taking the extra step and thinking through the when and how extended to my other categories of Faith, Career and Personal.

Because I’m an overachiever, my goals are lofty. I’m missing some marks, but I haven’t fallen flat. Most of all, I haven’t given up.

So far, we’ve gone on our monthly date night, parent-child date nights had two outdoor family activities and one game night. We’re still a work in progress. The key is that we’re working on it.

What changes have you made this year?

Creating a Family Vision Board

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