Your Mama’s So fat… fit moms challenge

Who is up for a challenge? The fit moms challenge!

fit moms challenge

Those jokes were never really all that offensive to me as a kid, cause my mom was rail thin. She still is. She got good skinny genes, and I inherited all the fat ones I guess.

Now, at 39 years old, I find myself severely overweight. Although it took me a long time to realize just HOW overweight I had become. I knew I was gaining weight. I even knew how bad the numbers on the scale were. It’s a strange mental game – because even though I outgrew one set of clothes, bought a “big girl” size, and then this winter outgrew all of my “fat clothes,” I still envision myself as I was when I was, well, about 75 pounds lighter.

We went to Costa Rica for a beautiful vacation, and it was magnificent. But as I scrolled through the pictures, I realized I was no longer just the pleasantly plump woman of the group. I was the elephant in the room. Seriously.

This is not self-deprecating, woah is me, or a cry for pity. This is me facing the facts and realizing that if I don’t change my life soon, I may not be able to ever come back to a place of health and fitness.

I’m not going to be a victim of myself any more! So I throw down the gauntlet with a fit moms challenge!

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My husband has also gained weight. We are both naturally inclined to be active people. Both of us served in the military, both of us enjoy running and being active. We’re both triathletes, for crying out loud.

So how did we get here?

Well, I have a long list, but at the top sit these three:

  1. Alcohol
  2. Parenting fatigue and not making time for myself
  3. Denial

So, a friend recently issued a challenge to her couples friends that want to get back in shape. The newest Tony Horton (P90X man) Boot Camp. It’s a perfect situation for us. A couples challenge, a military style workout, shorter videos (because the REAL issue with P90X was not the exercise, it was not having 1-1.5 hours a DAY for us both to work out AND take care of our three children AND do everything else that has to be done!)

We started Monday.

Sunday I spent about 3 hours cooking, chopping, and preparing food so that I can no longer blame my lack of preparedness on my poor food choices.

And we’re off to 8 weeks of changing our eating and exercise habits.

It got me thinking that we should have a Lose the Cape challenge. I don’t have any big prize (other than regaining health, shrinking your waist line, and PRIDE) to offer you, but I CAN offer you the chance to commiserate with other busy moms who are having just as hard of a time fitting their exercise routine into their daily life. I CAN offer you a Facebook group where we can chat and help each other other. I CAN offer Friday Fitness posts where I check in and provide tips and recipes and resources and PROGRESS.

So, what do you say? Do you want in?

Join our Facebook Group here, and when you get in, be sure to introduce yourself and holler out “I’m NOT gonna be a momma so fat joke!” You don’t have to do that… but make sure you let us know you’re there for the fit moms challenge! And, of course, to hang out with cool moms!