Friday Round Up July 17 2015

This week’s favorite posts:

This is an older post, but I read it for the first time and it really made me think- Letting The Right People Down by Kristen at When at Home.

An honest look at motherhood and all of the hats and roles a mother has- My Husband Has No Idea What It’s Like To Be Me by Harmony Hobbs for The Mid.


These look amazing and are such a fun/easy twist on traditional S’mores- Gourmet Campfire S’mores by Shelly at DIY Mama Blog.

I’ve had the opportunity to do this in the past and it was indeed glorious and beyond refreshing to my motherhood- I Took A Staycation From My Family And It Was Glorious by Bev at Linkouture.

I had a chance to experience some killer hospitality this summer and both of these were a part of it- Two Secrets Of Hospitality To Remember This Summer by Nicole Bennett for The Art Of Simple.

What did you read this week that was share-worthy?

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