Want to be a FUN mom? Make your kids laugh with the Ha-Ha Joke Coloring Book

You know how sometimes people post those questions on Facebook like “What is your absolute FAVORITE thing about being a parent?

Well, my favorite thing, hands down, is the giggles.

The sound of their little voices just laughing and laughing. It never fails. I can be in the worst mood and a giggle fit sets it all right again!

In fact, my all-time favorite scene from a movie is probably the “floating tea party” in Mary Poppins. “I love to laugh… ha,ha,ha,ha!”

Parenting has its crappy moments, I know, but I try to make it fun. For all of us.

Telling silly jokes, rolling on the floor, joining in sack races, that’s my jam! After all, when our kids are all grown up, THESE are the memories they will keep forever. These are the moments I will keep forever too.

Why am I talking about giggle fests and laughter? Besides it being something I LOVE as a mom.

Well, I just discovered a really cool children’s book and I couldn’t WAIT to share it with you.

It’s my honor and privilege to introduce you to the HaHa Color-Me! Joke Book. When we make kids happy and joyful, we are doing this parenting thing right, amIright?

I’ve never seen anything like this before — think: jokes with illustration. You share the silly jokes with your kids, then let your kid color the pages so you can get some guilt-free me-time.

We received a free copy of this book to review AND one to give away to one of our readers. Details at the end!

The jokes have my kids squealing with laughter. The matching coloring pages are a hoot even if your kids can’t read properly yet. It even brought my girls together for an afternoon of fun. First, they spent a good 25 minutes coloring and entertaining each other.

Then, they loved the book so much, they were inspired to do a comedy show for me and my husband! We all got a good laugh! I really loved watching them play together and it was a really fantastic afternoon of family fun.

Check it out here.



The Best Part of This Book – It Helps Kids In Need!

For every PRINT book this author sells, she will be sending one to a child in need who can’t afford one. So when your child laughs, you know you’re sharing the laughs with another child. <— I love this!  

If you want to buy the book and use it for your own fundraising or in your kid-friendly business, or give in goody bags or as birthday gifts  (instead of those junky plastic toys that kill the environment and don’t add any value to kids). You can sign up for the #gigglegiver program and get a bulk buying discount.  

Go Get your copy and help a child in need!

Neesha has so graciously offered us a special discount to Lose the Cape Readers and Friends! Purchase the book and another one will be donated to a child in need. You’ll also find a free 5-day challenge too, to help you get your kids laughing hysterically.

This has been such a fun experience for us. We had a great time enjoying our girls while they enjoyed the book!


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