Health And Beauty Tips For Busy Moms


Health And Beauty Tips For Busy Moms

Being a busy mom, managing home and work, and also keeping fit and healthy so that things keep running smoothly; can be a herculean task. And while we wouldn’t want to change our “mom” status for anything in the world, it can be quite demanding but it needn’t be at the cost of our health and beauty. Because if mom is sick and grouchy, nothing runs well at home and everyone else is also affected. Nothing feels good when you’re battling with sleep deprivation, weight issues, and don’t like looking at yourself in the mirror. Does this sound familiar?

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Well, nothing to worry about, our bodies can be slim and sensual with minimal regular exercise, eating well most of the time and remaining active as much as possible. Each day may not be the same, so persistence and consistency are the keys; focus on the moment at hand without worrying too much about the past till healthy habits become a part of your daily life. And before long, you may be feeling better, lighter and invigorated. Before your dreams to get back maintaining an hourglass figure disappear, leaving you feeling

Before your dreams to get back maintaining an hourglass figure disappear, leaving you feeling apathetic and confined, planning an exercise and diet schedule will take just a little finesse. One thing you need to keep in mind is that you need to give yourself a priority so that you’re not last on that ‘TO DO’ list that never seems to end.

Here are just a few simple strategies that will help you keep physically and mentally refreshed.

  • Your eyes are the window to your soul. They reveal a lot about how you’re feeling physically and emotionally. Lack of sleep is all too evident by the puffiness and dark circles under the eyes. When planning an outing, a concealer may work well. Cool cucumber slices kept on the eyes help to rejuvenate and remove tiredness but nothing better than a good night’s sleep.
  • Being a busy mom, it may not be possible to shampoo your hair every day, so it is easier using a dry shampoo, just spray it into your hair, work out carefully and brush out to have instantly clean hair.
  • Cleanse your hands and nails by rubbing a lemon this will lighten the skin tone and one of the easiest beauty tips for busy moms.
  • More than anything else, poor diet and an improper exercise schedule can have a toll on the skin, the largest and most noticeable organ of our body.
  • Keeping hydrated benefits the skin by imparting an overall nourished and glowing complexion, renewed energy and a revitalized body. Water is a universal solvent and dissolves waste and toxins which are flushed out of the body decreasing bloating and puffiness. A dash of lemon acts as a natural diuretic and also aids in curing sore throat and cold as it is a good source of Vitamin C.
  • To keep skin moisturized and repair it from sun damage, you can use extra virgin olive oil as it contains antioxidants. Cleansing and hydrating skin before hitting the pillow at night can have you waking up looking refreshed.
  • The biggest mistake a busy mom can do is grab a ready-made meal or fast food or a sugary snack for lunch or a midday boost. A balanced diet that includes all the macronutrients is essential to keep the body functioning well and the immune system healthy to ward off illnesses. Avoid packaged and processed foods and stock up on fruits, veggies, and high fiber foods so you’re ready for any emergencies that may arise as a child getting sick.
  • Find ways to make health happen and make fitness an integral part of your routine with some daily easy exercises to stay fit. Snatch whatever time you get for high-intensity interval training, metabolic conditioning workouts or resistance training to keep your body toned, reduce body fat and increase bone density. Just half an hour of exercise can do wonders, if you do not have time for workouts, run and play with your kids, take them to the park where you can do jogging or a workout. The options are endless if you are really emotionally charged and driven by a motive like being able to play and enjoy with your kids, watch them grow up and age gracefully.
  • Reconnecting with your spouse and friends and taking out ’me’ time from your busy schedule is like a healthy therapy session and very important for mental wellness.

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