Healthy Moms / Fit Moms Challenge week 2

Welcome back to week TWO of the Healthy Moms / or Fit Moms Challenge

How is everyone doing? I have had some really good successes and made some pretty big mistakes.

Let’s start with the positives!

I have been getting up early and walking the neighborhood every morning with my neighbor. It’s tough to get up early and go out, especially on the chilly mornings, but once we get going, it feels amazing. And yesterday we caught the most beautiful sunrise! The first day we started walking, 2 weeks ago, I could barely breathe and walk and talk at the same time, especially on the hills. Yes, I was THAT out of shape. In only two weeks time, I’ve made tremendous improvements and am no longer struggling to talk while I walk. So yay! I can also feel my butt tightening up – hey, there’s definitely nothing bad about that!

My husband and I have also been doing the newest Beach Body program. Hardcorps 22. I really like it because of two things:

  1. It’s only 22 minutes long! I can hang with anything for 22 minutes. I also don’t feel like it’s taking up so much time that I’m unable to get other stuff done
  2. It reminds me of my days in the military. The workouts are short, but they are TOUGH. I’ll admit, I’m modifying like a grandma right now, but I’m doing SOMETHING. And I’ll tell you what – even with mega modifications, it’s still whipping my butt! I feel so much stronger already!


I’m drinking Shakeology every day and alternating with Arbonne’s shakes. I was never much of a person for shakes, but when I started tracking my fruit/veggie intake and other vitamins, I realized I was woefully short on many of the vitamins, nutrients, and good stuff I need. So, my husband and I have a shake now every morning.


Where I’m still falling short:

Meal planning! Oh my gosh, I suck at it. As a result, we continue to waste food (all those fruits and veggies I was gonna eat!) AND I am making poor choices when I get into a crunch and I am hungry, but not prepared. I do well with my breakfast and snack each morning. And I am usually able to whip up a decent dinner that is a lean meat, veggies, fruits, and sometimes a carb. It’s between the hours of 12 and 5pm that I really fail myself. I’d love your tips if this is your strong suit!

Drinking alcohol. I’ve had alcohol twice already this week. Both times when I was out at dinner (which happened to be two times this week, which is odd for us.) When I’m at home, I don’t do it, but out for a meal, I love my wine. Or beer.

Water intake. I’ve cut out most other beverages, except my coffee in the morning, but I still don’t drink enough water.

Not getting enough sleep. I stay up too late, and I’m tired. Very tired.

So now I know what to work on this week!

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And here’s a picture of my recipe of the week. Come on over to the Facebook Group to find out what’s in it!

Yum, Yummy Beef!

yum yummy beef healthy moms recipe
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How are you doing this week?

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