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Today we’re happy to be losing our capes with Carrie. Carrie is the mom of three boys, one of whom is from the future! 🙂 You can read more about Carrie and how to find her at the end of the post.

I’m the Real Sarah Connor (without the sexy muscles)

by Carrie Wible


I’m pretty sure my youngest son, Tyler, (a twin, younger by about 20 seconds) is from the future.   Bear with me, my reason will soon become clear.

Today my teenage son gave him a doll action figure of Captain Jack Sparrow. It’s not as cute as Johnny Depp, but it will do.

He asked me 5,708 times today the name of the doll action figure. It went something like this:

Tyler: What’s he’s name? (spelling is correct)

Me: Captain Jack Sparrow

Tyler: (waves toy in his hand) This guy?

Me: Yes, that is Captain Jack Sparrow.

Tyler: Ohhh, ok, it’s Jack Bruce Wayne.

Me: (thinking WTF?) Um, no, it’s Captain Jack Sparrow, just like it is every time you ask.

Tyler: (waves toy in his hand) This guy?

Me: YES, that guy, that toy, RIGHT THERE IN YOUR HAND, is Captain Jack Sparrow.

Three minutes later:

Tyler: (waving SAME toy in hand) What’s he’s name?

Round 2

Ten minutes later, we begin round 3.

By round 456, I started telling him the doll’s action figure’s name was Captain Bumblebee Bubblehead (which is HILARIOUS to hear a 4 year old say) and it occurred to me that Tyler just might be an evil genius, a mastermind, if you will.

He has single-handledy gotten me to answer the same question a million times, while ensuring he has all my attention. I have a soft spot for this tiny little thing, (nickname is Teeny Tiny Tyler) barely 5% on height and weight scales, who does this all so innocently and wide-eyed. I might need to check his scalp for numbers, considering he’s definitely got mine.

This is a daily event. I’m not sure how I’m not rocking naked in a corner sucking my thumb, but it’s coming.

Oh, it’s coming.

I have decided I am obviously going to do something seriously important soon, something WORLD CHANGING, and he was sent here, from the future, to break me. After all, twins do not run in my family or my husband’s, and he was a complete and utter surprise. I’m positive he was shot directly into the womb from the year 2089.

He may not be the Terminator, but he can be the Terrorizer. I hear him talking to himself all the time, and it’s often a strange babble. I’m sure he’s communicating with his cronies from the future telling them all the things he did to me that day to make me crazy.

If I break, I can’t change the future.

My husband guffawed at my theory, and assured me that my child is just like any other 4 year old that likes to torture his mom.

Ok, darling, but we will see who’s guffawing when I save the world.

If he’s lucky, I might make him my minion.



Thanks Carrie, for this guest post today!

Carrie Wible is a humor blogger and a freelance content writer for educational, medical, career, and music websites. She lives in Ohio with her incredibly hard-working husband, and 3 boys, ages 18, and 4 year old twins. Her blog has appeared on BlogHer, Ten to Twenty Parenting, and WhatTheFlicka, and she contributed original articles to BluntMoms and Momsmagazine. Carrie is a woodwind specialist and arranger and recently premiered her male chorus/band arrangement of “Frozen Heart” from the movie “Frozen” with the Wadsworth Community Band. She is halfway through writing her first novel and can be found at her blog CarrieLouWho.

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