Learning to Love Myself

learning to love myself

I can’t believe Valentine’s Day is just around the corner.

Everywhere I go, it seems that all of the stores are bursting with candy hearts and chocolates galore, and I’m reminded that it’s that time of year when we think about our sweethearts and showering them with sweet gifts to show our love. However, do we think about loving ourselves as well?

I’ve discovered a pattern recently in regard to learning to love myself.

Day in and day out, I find that I have what I call mini internal dialogue sessions with myself regarding my weight and overall looks. I refer to my internal dialogue about myself as “mini sessions” because my thoughts about myself, including loving myself, usually last but mere seconds. After all, I don’t usually think about myself. As a mom, I tend to think about everyone else, especially my kids. These mini sessions include thoughts like, “Today is the day I’ll eat better!” “I’m going to eat less today!” ” “So I’m a little heavier than I was a week ago. I’ll lose the weight!” “Today, I’m going to work on portion control!” “I’m going to eat more veggies!” And then, the same old story happens. I don’t apply what I’m thinking. I move forward with the day. The day happens. I go to bed. And I repeat…

I imagine I’m not the only mom that is working on loving herself.

Do you experience this too? My daughter’s and I talk about loving ourselves quite frequently. Last night, my oldest daughter Kim and I were talking about our stretch marks and our weight loss goals. Prior to that, my youngest daughter Katlin and I talked about detox tea. Conversations about how we view ourselves, and are striving to improve our self perceived imperfections, are common at my house. If only I got paid for each one of those conversations. I’d be a millionaire by now! I imagine that you too find yourself talking about yourself whether it’s internal or external thoughts that you express. Goodness. There’s so much talk about how to change ourselves into the person we think we need to be. Even magazines that we adore like Cosmopolitan, Family Circle and Shape, to name a few, tout beauty products, tips and tricks to help us achieve that look, weight and youth we desire.

I’ve come to a conclusion. It’s okay that I’ve discovered a pattern in regard to learning to love myself. It means:

  • there is awareness of my inner self
  • I want to be healthy
  • I am trying to make positive changes
  • I utilize my resources. I love my magazines and won’t be giving them up anytime soon!

I must love myself. If I didn’t, I don’t think that I’d hear my internal voice. Maybe the key is to accept me for me and continue working on loving myself and also to keep listening to my inner dialogue. If I were to write a Valentine’s Day wish, it would be to all moms, including me, and it would look like this: Happy Valentines Day! Let’s love ourselves. We are amazing. How could we not be? After all, we are moms.