Leprechaun Hunt with Leprechaun Munch

Wanna Go on a Leprechaun Hunt?


Looking for a fun St. Patrick’s day themed activity? Have a leprechaun hunt! Your children can set up a little trap (a colorful shoe box propped up with a stick of some sort) to catch the little sneaky Leprechauns.

First, the kids can help you make the Leprechaun Munch.

Second, set out the trap.

Then, spoon the munch around in different places of the house.

Read the following:

To catch a leprechaun with this munch, just spoon out some and wait for a crunch. Leprechauns love the color green, so it won’t take long. But while you wait, you can snack along!

When the kids aren’t watching, replace some of the munch trail with gold coins… the calling card of the leprechaun! Distract them again to put some under the trap and be sure to knock the stick down so it looks like the Leprechaun just escaped being trapped.

How to make Leprechaun Munch:

Add equal parts of each ingredient.

Crumbled pretzel sticks

Green marshmallows from Lucky Charms

Colored M&M’s (Only green and white)

Rice Chex cereal

Green Sprinkles

Add all ingredients into a plastic bag. Shake well!


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