Let Them Get Dirty!

What are you doing for International Mud Day?

international mud day

This photo captured my son and his friend after jumping into a huge mud puddle at the “Mini Red Neck Games”, a fun event in our small town.  After some fun games, the day ends with an invitation to belly flop into the huge mud puddle.

There was no hesitation from these boys.  They jumped right in! They were filthy dirty, their clothes turned a uniform brown.  The boys were almost completely covered by the end of their play, camouflaged from head to toe, except for the gleam of their smiles. It was a moment of pure and simple joy.

Something we could all use a little more of, don’t you think?

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We should take our cue from the little ones.

They know that playing in the mud is awesome! Most children have more sense of adventure than adults.  To little ones, mud is just another medium to play.  I liked mud play as a child.

[pullquote align=”full” cite=”” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=””]I remember as a little girl how neat it was to feel the cool mud between my toes and fingers.  It was an amazing sensory experience.[/pullquote]

This month there is an actual day designated to mud.  (Not like any child needs to wait for a certain day)

I invite you and your children to get dirty for International Mud Day on June 29.

It is quite calming to feel the mud on your skin and there are actually many benefits to mud play. Now every year I get to jump in a huge mud puddle at our local Redneck Games hosted by the Seaforth Agricultural Society.  What fun it is!  It feels so great after a long hot day in the sun.  Now I understand why some animals enjoy the mud so much.  There is no need to be afraid, it washes off no problem!  Also, we need to be good role models for our children, right?  We should encourage them to try new things, to jump right in and take the risk.  Well, that is just what I did…


Photo credit Whitney South

Don’t worry, it is just a little dirt, nothing a good hose-down can’t cure.  I am inviting you to let your children play in the mud.  Jump in!

Let them get dirty!  When you watch  the happiness and pure joy spread across their faces, you just may want to join them!