We’re having a drastic change in pace today… I don’t want all of my posts to make you feel like jumping off of a bridge, so tonight, you get the distinct pleasure of hearing one of my favorite funny stories of motherhood.

Have you noticed how much moms (and dads for that matter) with small children talk about poop?  How often their child goes, what color, consistency, size, shape, where… etc.  It dominates the conversation! It’s actually pretty amusing to me.

Well… one of my funniest “new mom” stories involves baby poop.  And no, I was not getting pooped on.

At the time, we only had our son, BB.  He was about 7 months old.  We went to Savannah to visit my sister for Thanksgiving.  I had just returned to work about a month before that, and I was dog tired.  BB wasn’t sleeping through the night, we had just moved into a new apartment and I was trying to get unpacked, for some reason I thought it was a good time to try to get a Pampered Chef business off the ground (in addition to a full time job in Homeland Security – can you say “multiple personality disorder??”) AND as if life wasn’t fun enough, I had just taken the GRE and been accepted to start Graduate school in January.  WHEW!  I think I just got a gray hair remembering that craziness!!

Anyway… all of that to say – I was TIRED!!!

So, we get to Savannah, and a day or two into the trip, I realize I did not pack enough clothes for the baby.  He had gone through all of his clothes so we threw together a load of this and that and started the machine.

So, this is where the poop comes in to play.  You’ll never guess how.

The washing machine finishes.

My sister opens the lid.

From the other room I hear her screaming “Who put poop in the washing machine?????”

Rather odd thing to scream, so I ran over to investigate.

Sure as shoot, it was there.  Sprinkled across the top of the laundry, as if it was strategically placed… some hard little droppings.  (At that moment I said a silent prayer of thanks for constipated baby poops!!) Along with some beaded up, nasty, shredded diapers.  If you’ve ever accidentally washed a disposable diaper you know the look I’m talking about.

Huh?  What the…???  I was confused.  How could this have happened???

And then, my sleep deprived mind started to put the pieces together.  Two plastic bags hanging in the bedroom.  One contained BBs dirty clothes.  The other contained the dirty diaper.  I must have confused the two, thrown away the bag of clothes, and blindly dumped the diapers into the washing machine.

Further investigation located the clothes at the top of the dumpster.

I couldn’t help myself.  I practically roared with laughter.  Eventually my sister thought it was funny too.  But only after I had cleaned up the mess! (At the time, she had a meltdown of her own!!!)

And in that moment, I think I stopped judging other mothers!

It is simply amazing the details that can be overlooked when you are that tired.  How I was completely oblivious to the fact that I dumped a diaper or two into the washer and not clothes, I still don’t quite get.  But it happened.  My sister will vouch for me.

Motherhood is tough sometimes… we gotta roll with the punches!