A Letter to My Daughter On Her Graduation Day


To my daughter, on her graduation day

You are a delicate flower. Omg crap…wait…starting over…wrong decade and century.  You are a female…that makes you powerful, strong, and capable of achieving so many amazing things. It also means that you will need to navigate life with your head up and eyes straight ahead, ready to show people that you will move forward no matter what statements are made about you to try to hold you back. What I want for you is the same as most parents; I want you to find happiness, purpose, adventure, and meaning. I also want you to have fun and laughter. Lots of fun, and lots of laughter. Laugh your effing ass off. Laugh at work, at your family, with your friends, at yourself, with your significant other, at your significant other, behind your significant other, in front of your significant other…Just. Keep. laughing.

On friendships:

I could write you a whole novel on how friendships will get you through life. Choose your friends wisely, but also remember that each friend is wise in his or her own way. Appreciate and embrace that wisdom. When a friend upsets you, remember what it is about that person that is special and attracted you to him or her, and hopefully that will get you through whatever it was that upset you. This tactic doesnt always work, but before you do anything hasty, start there. Be patient with your friendships. But be fierce, also. What I mean is, show every part of who you are to your friends. Cry to them until your eyes are puffy and hard to open. Laugh with them until your abdomen hurts and your cheeks feel like they will never go back to their regular position. Have no competition with your friends. Seriously. I mean that. Contain your jealousy. Build your own life while simultaneously being interested in and supportive of theirs. Seek your own happiness and happiness for others. This is not easy. But it is crucial to actually living a genuinely happy life. You will never be able to be happy while harboring resentment and desiring failure for anyone else (unless its someone who harms animals or people, then you can hate the sh*t out of them). Ask questions, but questions that will help them move forward. On the flip side, make sure they are giving you the same in return. When you have a legit, awesome, life-changing friendship, youll know. Dedicate your time, energy, and love to it. It just might be the relationship that rides next to you for the rest of your life. Ride it with your arms out, letting the breeze carry you and the beauty of their presence surround you, and take the bumps carefully. Catch each other if you fall. Pick each other up. Hug often, and never forget to tell that person how you feel about him or her.

On PMS and other annoying female issues:

Not to sound like your sex-ed teacher, but once a month, your life might come crumbling down around you. Do I sound dramatic? Yup. Do I have PMS right now? Yup. Im not gonna sugar coat it. PMS is something that will follow you and lurk around the corner and and jump out to surprise you at the worst moments. Be prepared. Tampons, advil, heating pads, texts to friends and family with curses and middle finger emojis will be your survival kit to getting through. Im not gonna sit here and tell you were blessed, cause in that moment in never feels like that. It just feels like were bleeding and we wore those white jeans weve been waiting to wear since the start of winter. But I will tell you this: it does unite all women. You are connected to every woman you meet. Maybe youll choose to have babies one day, maybe you wont. Maybe it will be easy for you to conceive, or maybe it will be a struggle and youll need all the support life has to offer. But no matter what, never forget that it makes you part of a sisterhood. Help your sisters. I dont give a crap about race or religion or background or anything that might set us apart on the outside. We all, at least for seven days a month, deal with the same issue (and honestly way beyond this), and that connects us all and makes us understand one another in a way that is innate and beautiful. Feminism, not feminism, I dont care what we call it. Its a connection. Treat all humanity with generosity and compassion. But always know that you have a place in the coolest effing pack the world has to offer. Women rock. Theres no way around that. Own it, embrace it, revel in it.

On careers (or lack thereof):

Ugh, why cant we all just hang out and enjoy life without the stress of having to make money?! Yeah I know, so many people love their jobs and do such good and meaningful work, and the world would end if we just had a giant frat party and held each other up on a daily basis while we did keg stands and held each others hair back while we…wait this is my kid Im writing to. But how fun would that be? Really? And how bonded would we all be? Look, Im not an expert on career advice. Actually, Im not an expert on anything which is probably why I dont have a career in the first place. But I do know that your life is made up of seven days each week. Each of those days is broken into hours. Hours into days into weeks can feel long, and slow, and wasted if you dont find something to do that makes you feel happy, and useful, and that surrounds you with people you want to be around. Rich, poor, average…we all experience the same amount of time in each week. How do you want to feel during that time? Im not saying you have to decide right now. You might decide eight different times in your life. Just dont waste it. Use your talents and your strengths. Find ways to make the money you need doing things that make you smile and keep you growing and helping and thinking and wondering and feeling. But more importantly, dont make your work rule your life. You rule your life, with goals in your mind and love in your heart. And you live it up on those weekends, girl. Unless, of course, you have to work. Doh!

On yourself and your partner:

Choose a partner in life (just not yet). Not one who defines you, but one who helps you explore and find yourself. Finding yourself is a lifelong process. Life is a lifelong process. Getting through it with someone who is as dedicated to finding your happiness as you are makes it so much more enjoyable and takes some of the pressure off. In order to find an awesome partner though, you need to know whats important to you. Unfortunately and fortunately, this will also be a lifelong process that will change and morph and feel like somewhat of a maze that takes turns in the wrong direction but will hopefully lead you where you want to end up. So, choose a partner who will take those wrong turns with you and always try again and again to get you both back on the right journey in the right direction. Admit your mistakes and choose someone who will admit mistakes as well. Work hard and choose someone who is a hard worker. Play hard and choose someone who also loves to play. Play nicely together, and even when youre mad at one another, remember never to run with scissors. Travel, read, dance, sing, face your fears (unless theyre dangerous, then just keep being fearful…kidding…sort of). Be active; spend all day in bed; talk all night; be silent for hours. Be informed on whats happening in the world and in your community. Have uncomfortable conversations that end in a disagreeable or an agreeable way, depending. But be informed and hold your ground, unless what the other person says holds enough weight to change your mind. Then take it in, think about it, and make a new informed decision. Make a difference, even if its not on a global scale. Be charitable with your time and your money. Choose a partner who is generous with his or her love, time, and patience. Everything else will follow. Be passionate about yourself and your partner and choose someone who is passionate about you and your life together. Always choose happiness, even if it means picking up and completely readjusting your life. And always, always, ALWAYS call your mother. I love you.



Danielle Silverstein is the  mom of three awesome kids and two rescue dogs. She keeps it real while laughing all along this crazy journey called motherhood. You can find her at Where The Eff Is My Handbook?