Lose the Cape!

Lose the Cape

I’ve mentioned a time or two that I was working on another book with my friend Kerry from Breadwinning Mama.  To catch you up to speed, last spring, I contacted Kerry about a “special project.”  Even though we live on opposite sides of the US (me on the East Coast, Kerry on the West) – we’ve become good virtual friends in the social media and blogging space.

On the surface, it might not seem like we have a lot in common. While my blog No Holding Back, focuses on parenthood and losing a child, advocating for social good and children’s health topics, and women’s health issues, Kerry’s blog, Breadwinning Mama, largely highlights the juggle of work and kids. I am home with my kids and Kerry commutes to an office. I handle the day-to-day household chores and Kerry is lucky enough to be able to do some outsourcing and sharing with her husband. And so forth…

Still, despite our many differences, we respect one another and appreciate the differences in each others lives. Because we are both moms trying to do the best that we can for our children and ourselves. In a world that often divides mothers, placing them in different camps and asking them to justify their choices, we realized the “mommy wars” are so 2000. Trying to be “supermom” is ridiculous – she does not exist.

As Kerry says: “Don’t get us wrong, we are committed mothers wishing to raise amazing kids, but we’ve learned to pick our battles.”

All moms face a zillion modern-day stresses, so we’ve put together a book addressing topics like morning routines, the social media time suck, meal planning, making mom friends and beyond. We’ve gathered diverse mom voices from around the country to share tips and tricks, and as our book will reveal, there is no “one way” to beat the mom stresses.

“Lose the Cape” (fingers crossed) will make its debut this spring, and if you subscribe to the Lose the Cape blog now, you can grab a free sample chapter that will give you just a small glimpse into what we hope to do with this book.

We’ve also launched a podcast: “There’s Just Not Enough Time in the Day” where we interview busy moms and collect and share as many resources as we can through the mom community.

I hope you’ll check out today’s podcast with Sarah J. Swofford – mother, sex expert, and author of “From Ouch to Ahhh: A New Mom’s Guide to Sex After Baby.”

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  1. Let’s keep this project moving toward the finish line. 🙂 I think we will have a fabulous product that can benefit all types of moms. Thanks for reaching out and asking me to partner.

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