Love is


Love is…

With Valentine’s Day upon us my thoughts turn to love. Love for myself, my children, and my husband. I love how they love me especially when they forgive me when I’m acting so unloveable. I knew the moment that I met my husband at a hockey game that he was the one for me. It may sound cliche but I saw kindness in his eyes and when he smiled at me I had butterflies dancing in my stomach.

The moment I laid my eyes on my children I had never known that depth of love. I would cease to exist if it meant giving them my last breath so that they may live. I was overwhelmed with that much emotion as I went through my life struggling to love myself. They healed me with each smile, giggle, and their wide eyed wonder of the world.

I could go on and wax poetic of my love for my family instead I thought I would get their ideas about what love is. I asked my husband what does love mean to you? His reply is as follows:

“Love means being honest even if the truth may hurt. It means being there for your loved ones through happy or sad times and facing the good and bad together. Love is telling the truth such as I’m tired, I don’t know the answer, and I need your help.”

I asked my children what love meant to them and my oldest son who’s nine said:

“Love means wanting to hug someone because they make you smile. And sharing my hockey cards because I trust someone with them, like how I love you, Dad, and my brother.” “No offence, but I don’t trust him with my hockey cards.”

My youngest son who’s almost five said “I love you Mommy, and cookies. I love you and I’ll share my cookies with you. “Love makes me happy, I love my friends, family, and my Bat cave.”

Hearing my children share their feelings with me and my family’s thoughts on love has uplifted me in an remarkable way. I feel stronger, more confident, and so much more appreciative and in love with them!

What loves means to me is showing our feelings as much through our actions as we do our words.

Love means always saying you’re sorry even when you just want to be right.

Love means letting yourself be vulnerable and finding the strength to share your truth even when it’s scary.

Love means believing in yourself and living with compassion, kindness, and gratitude.

Love is respect, appreciation, and standing strong together or separate. Love is a union of two hearts and two souls that beat as one.

Love is magical and worth every moment of every day to feel your heart growing three times its size. So much so it feels like it will come bursting out of your chest!

What does love mean to you?