5 Tips for Sneaking ME Time Into your Day

Me Time for Moms

Me time. Some of you may laugh at the thought. You might be juggling a career, kids, and a gnarly commute. Or you might be a parent who is chasing after a toddler. ALL. DAY. LONG. There are piles of laundry to wash. Bills to pay. Meals to serve. Little people tug at your ankles, young children demand help with homework, and you taxi from one destination to the next seven days a week.

Sound familiar? Yes, we thought you could relate.

There simply aren’t enough hours in the day, so how are you supposed to find “me” time? You may have a spouse who works, and even travels. Or you might be transitioning from the office to home, striving to soak up as many minutes as possible with the kids before bedtime.

Still, if you don’t invest time in yourself, you will become tired, angry, bitter, jealous, and impatient.

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Let’s cut to the chase, shall we? You are going to turn into a bitch.

5 Tips for Sneaking ME Time Into your Day

Tip #1: Make a “happy” list.

Spend a few moments jotting down activities that bring you joy, and commit to doing at least one of those every week.

Do you love to paint your nails?

Sneak out for a little clothes shopping trip?

Walk the dog while listening to your favorite playlist?

Sip your coffee uninterrupted as you read the morning paper?

Create a list of things you can do on any day of the week – moments or small treats that don’t cost a lot of money.

Post your happy list in a visible space, or write it in a journal. Refer to it often. Commit to treating yourself to small moments.

Tip #2: Your “ME TIME” can come in quick spurts.

We “joke” about needing to sneak away to hide in the closet, or garage, to take a breath. Hey, on some days, that’s what we do. As busy moms, our days are full, but taking just 20 minutes for you can recharge your spirits and soul. Depending on what stage and phase you are at with your children, this may or may not be difficult. Some ideas of mom me time quickies:

Tag your spouse in and tell him you are going to curl up with a book for 30 minutes on the weekend.

If you can, grab a coffee and run your errands solo. Take a hot shower in the evening and light a candle.

Worst case, wake up earlier than the kids. We know – we all LOVE our sleep, but sometimes those wee hours in the morning is all we get. Take that time to exercise, read, journal. Take the time for you, and let the chores and household tasks wait.

Tip #3: Occasionally, allow yourself to go BIG.

More often than not, we need to rely on those quick spurts of “me” time, but also plan for more substantial chunks of time throughout the year.

Perhaps you schedule a few massages or pedicures every few months. Consider joining a book club or monthly girlfriends’ night out.

Take a weekend away for you.

Pick your passion, budget, and schedule. Blog conference, yoga retreat, spa day, Vegas BABY! Negotiate with your significant other or a family member to watch the kids. You might feel guilty, and sure you’ll miss them, but “absence makes the heart grow fonder.” Moms need vacations too!

Find a conference, a passion project, a serene spot to recharge. Find what works for you, and indulge.

Tip #4: Working moms: traveling for work can offer opportunities to embrace fun and quiet too.

For those working moms jumping on planes and trains, it is easy to feel guilty about leaving the kids behind.

But think about the benefits! It’s a chance to sleep in a cushy bed, watch whatever you want on TV, skim through some trashy magazines and the latest thriller.

Some fun ideas: grab a massage at the airport, watch a movie if you have a free evening, get extra sleep, or take a luxurious bath.

If traveling with colleagues, grab a nice meal and enjoy adult conversation. If solo, order room service. No need to sulk when you travel for work. Make the best of it and get a little recharged!

Other working moms have suggested The point? If you must travel, make the best of it. Embrace the quiet moments and come back a better mom to your kids.

Tip #5: Pick a form of fitness you enjoy and do it.

Running. Yoga. A gym date with a friend. Workout DVD. Walking around the block a few times. You can keep it low-key or set an intense goal.

Exercise can be so beneficial to the soul AND body. And you can do it WHILE you are with your kids. If you can’t get away for your own workout, do a nature walk, have a dance party, go for a bike ride. You get the point.

Find what makes you feel good and stick with it.


Maybe none of these tips work with your family situation or lifestyle. They are just suggestions. The point is, it’s important to find ME TIME and take time for yourself, and there are many ways you can make that work for your family. Just do something for yourself! You deserve it!