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You already know we love Giselle Sharlow’s yoga books for kids. We recently reviewed her book Rachel’s Day in the Garden – a fantastic, colorful book filled with discovery, colors, and, yoga poses!

She’s at it again with another new book. This one is about a little girl Maria and her exploration of the ocean on a scuba diving trip with her grandfather. Once again, this book is a gorgeously illustrated and really well done book that not only captures the imagination, but also helps you get some great activity into your daily routine.

Come along as Maria Explores Ocean Yoga

maria explores ocean yoga




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So, I love books in general. My children love to be read to. This book is so much fun because the ocean is such an unknown. There are so many lifeforms, colors, and beautiful things to appreciate. They love sea life and loved reading this book. But the yoga poses add something new and special. We’ve talked about the benefits of yoga for children in our Rachel’s Day in the Garden post. Yoga can help calm your children, and yoga is known to have the added benefit of helping you sleep better.

Since we read primarily at night, Giselle Shardlow’s yoga books are a great way to calm the children, get some stretching and exercise in, and help them get their rest. I’m planning on trying this technique over the next few weeks as we get ready to go back to school and re-implement our strict bedtime routine. I’ll be sure to let you know how that goes!

Another great element to these Kids Yoga Stories books is that there is always a “glossary” if you will, of poses at the back, with the name and demonstration pose.

maria explores ocean yoga

So, go grab your copy now! You won’t be disappointed with the great colors, the adventure, the benefits of yoga. Plus, an interactive book is so much more fun than just sitting and reading, isn’t it?

Get your copy here.

maria explores ocean yoga

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