My messy kids and husband drive me crazy!

Today we’re syndicating a post from one of our regular contributors, Mandy of Oh Mandelynn! I’m sure many of us can commiserate with her dislike of picking up after her messy kids and husband. I’m not much of a cleaner myself, but I know that I nearly lose my mind when I spend the time to really clean up the house, only to find that my kids and husband have left a trail of a mess behind me! If you get it, shout Amen!

So enjoy the rant. Let it out… everyone let it out! 🙂


Can I take a second to vent to you privately about my family? You won’t tell anyone, right? Pinkie swear? Ok, so I am totally over their inability to clean up after me. I mean if they don’t clean, and I don’t wanna clean we end up in a house of filth.

What? Oh, yeah I don’t like to clean. That is why I got married and had kids, so I had people to clean up after me. Let’s just say that isn’t quite working out for me the way I had planned. First, there was the diaper changing thing. Apparently wittle babies are too lazy to take their own diapers to the trash. Next there was this whole eating and bottle feeding thing that required me to do 100 times more dishes than normal. Now they are older and they play with things. Like get toys out and lay them on the floor.

I guess this has turned into a cautionary tale. If I can’t save myself, I can save you. If you are planning on getting married and having children to take care of you, may I suggest that you not do it. It will not pan out quickly. It’s more of a long con. And when I say long con, I mean it’s so long that I don’t even know if it’s going to come together at all.

Another thing that drives me a little bit crazy is that when I do clean (which lets face it- I eventually have to) the kids act like they are going to help, but they get bored at like 2 minutes in. It’s a lot like when we exercise “together,” and they sit on the couch demanding ice cream. Do you suppose I’m making some missteps in this parenting thing?

Here is the other thing, my husband has hours which allow him time to be home alone without the children. In that situation it’s kind of expected that he will clean and I can come home and play magna tiles with the kids-right? I should have put that in a pre-nup I suppose. Why?! Why do I come up with all my best ideas in a 8 year delay from when I need them most?

Anyways back to the messy kids things. They spill a lot. From what I understand so far, kids do that. So again I caution, things will get bad before they get better when it comes to assistance in the cleaning department. Think of it as it’s darkest before the dawn and such.

I think that for a crazy person I am handling this well. Thank you so much for letting me vent here in this safe place. Ok, at least I know who my friends are. And there is still hope that they will start taking care of me any day now. Annnnny Daaaaay….

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