10 Reasons Mommy Needs a Glass of Wine

Mommy Needs Wine

mommy needs wine

Not that I really need a reason… but here are a few things that make me want to sit back for a moment and enjoy a nice adult beverage.

Top ten reasons I need a glass of wine:

  1. I have four children and a dog.  I must add that the only time the dog comes near me is to bark loudly in my face to feed her or to stick her behind in my face hoping I will scratch it.  Thankfully, the children haven’t adopted this approach.
  2. My son had an epic meltdown because I called him Nate instead of Nathan.
  3. There are still 10 hours until bed time.
  4.  My baby is getting his top front teeth and his nose is running like a tap.  I am not without tissue and teething toys and every shirt I have worn this week has some baby snot on the shoulder.
  5. It’s Friday, the sun is shining and I survived another Canadian winter.  Cheers, eh?
  6. My preteen daughter is asking some pretty deep questions about sexual orientation, religion, the Antichrist, and life after death.
  7. This wine glass is the only clean dish left in the house at the moment.wine
  8. There are only 38 days left of my maternity leave and then I return to my other full time job.
  9.  So far this morning I have done two loads of laundry (see #4) and a load of dishes but there are still dirty clothes and dirty dishes all over the house.
  10. Because I said so.

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Thanks to my son Nathan (NOT Nate) who created this picture.