5 Compelling Reasons Why Moms Need Group Text Messaging 


Behind every successful mom there is one or more group text messages supporting her. Day or Night—she can always count on her posse to message her back with answers to her most dire questions: Which outfit should I wear for date night: the silk skirt and blouse, or the slinky t-shirt dress? I’m running late. Can anyone pick up my child from school?

Before smart phones we used to pick up the cordless phone and call our girlfriends—one at a time. But, now who has time for that? It’s so much easier—and more efficient— to create group text messages

Here are my top five reasons why you need to get your group text on:

  1. To give you good advice—Whether it’s planning a family vacation or offering tips on potty training, your group text with friends (or family) will provide answers from a wide range of perspectives. Once you press send an answer is never too far behind. As soon as the first person responds, the others will follow suit. I was recently planning a family trip to Florida for the summer and asked my group their advice and suggestions on where to go. Within minutes I had a list of hotels and Airbnb houses that were beautiful and affordable, and a list of kid-friendly restaurants and shops in different beach towns. The personal recommendations from my Mom friends were far more helpful than a lengthy google or yelp search would’ve been.
  2. To support you through adversity—My group text “mom crew” are always there through life’s trials—infertility, miscarriage, high risk pregnancy, divorce, death of a family member, and caring for a sick parent. During these emotionally overwhelming and difficult times in life, your group will provide support and encouragement, giving you the strength to get through it.  My friend Pam’s Mother was recently diagnosed with breast cancer and she shared the upsetting news with our group text.  Within minutes, I was able to provide her with a doctor contact in the medical center that specialized in women’s breast cancer.  Another friend Heather, revealed that she was going through the exact same thing with her mother-in-law. The shared experience was so important for these two friends.  To know that they are going through the same thing at the same time and can support one another on a level that others can’t.  This is something that might not have been revealed had they chosen to just confide in one or two friends versus the group.
  3. To celebrate your successes— Whether it’s a pregnancy announcement, a job promotion or publication of an article—we all celebrate as a group. For the past couple of years my friend Jenny has been on an intense emotional rollercoaster between three miscarriages and two rounds of in-vitro fertilization.  Last month, when she received a positive pregnancy test—joy and excitement emitted through our group.  Her pregnancy felt like it was our group’s pregnancy since we have been part of the journey alongside her and her family.
  4. To trust with TMI—Many moms find bravery via the screen on their cell phones. Whether it’s a quickly posted photo of a post-surgery scar or descriptive details from the porcelain throne you can trust the members of your group text to keep it to themselves and to have the answers to these personal questions: How do I soothe my cracked, bleeding nipples after breastfeeding? When did sex stop being painful after childbirth? Birth control recommendations anyone?
  5. To provide a reality check—Who but your group thread will tell you that your new outfit is ridiculously garish? Or that your romantic interest is going to bring you heartbreak? Because through the revealing comments you’ve included in your text messages, your group understands your personality, and knows you well.  Because they are able to see (or read) behind the lines, they aren’t afraid to share their dose of reality with you.


Now, as I weigh any major decision such as choosing between the black pumps or the tan ones—while providing visual cues for my friends—I’m always able to make my decision based on their instant advice.  And all it took was a two-second group text message.


Crystal Olguín Duffy is a former high school teacher and consultant who is now an author, essayist and stay-at-home Mother to three little girls including a set of twins. Her essays on parenting have appeared in Scary Mommy, Mamapedia and Twins Magazine, and she is a contributing writer for Twiniversity an online support network for Twin parents. Twin to Twin is her first book. She is currently working on a book about scholarships awarded to high school students. Follow her on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. She lives in Houston with her family. Crystal loves to read and considers herself a pop culture vulture.


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