When girls decide to be empowered… courageous girls

We are so excited that Princess Monroe is finally here! Princess Monroe is no ordinary princess!

When Princess Monroe’s mother approaches her and says, “Come on my dear, it’s time to find a prince!” – Princess Monroe breaks ALL princess fairy tale rules. “Nope, mother darling, I’ve got so many adventures to be had!” She believes her mother will scoff at her, but instead, this admonition opens a beautiful dialogue between mother and daughter about the importance of finding our inner light before we find a partner in life.

Princess Monroe is inspiring girls everywhere to take chances, to be strong and independent, to follow their hearts, to be smart and have fun, and not rely on another person to bring them their sense of fulfillment in life! #thisprincesssavesherself

Sweet girl – you don’t have to choose between being a princess or a warrior. You are BOTH.

Princess Monroe doesn’t follow the traditional fairytale storyline and we love that about her. She’s every young girl’s role model and isn’t restricted by waiting for a prince to save her; instead, she saves herself.

We hope you enjoy this beautiful Ode to Monroe by so many strong little girls who know they have big things to accomplish in life. Huge shout out to the media company Cinemagical Media for bringing Monroe’s fairytale magic to life!

We hope you’ll Join Princess Monroe on her adventures and pick up your copy today!