Do you ever feel like you are not enough as a mother? Good grief, I do. Motherhood Realized

For example, last Friday, after I pick my daughter up from school, I hear her sweet little voice from the backseat. “Mommy, we forgot to take the purple jello today.”

My heart dropped and I felt tears prick at my eyes.

Her teacher had given me a box of jello to make for the class. They had multiple colors so that the kids could eat a rainbow of jello.

And I forgot. I told my daughter I was so sorry that I forgot and she sweetly replied, “It’s okay mommy. Ms. Lisa said it was fine.”

She was not bothered.

It was not nearly as big of a deal to her as it was to me. She moved on while I wallowed in guilt.

I think we have a lot of pressure on us to be “perfect” moms. And none of us can live up to that. So I am very excited to tell you about this new book (which you can and SHOULD pre-order today!) called Motherhood Realized.

I had the privilege, as an Ambassador for The Power of Moms, to read an advance copy. I loved the message of the book. I am the best mother that I can be, and it doesn’t really matter what other moms are doing. My children want me.

Here’s a short video about it.


Some of my favorite quotes from the book:

“The pain and joy of motherhood go hand in hand. They are inseparable. You can’t get the baby without the waves of labor pains. You can’t become the strong and patient and knowledgeable mother you want to be or raise the resilient and wonderful children you dream of without the waves of trials and joy that stretch and grow you and bind hearts together.”

“Indeed, every woman engaged in the marathon of motherhood deserves her own cheering section”


Go pre-order your copy today. You won’t regret it. Here is my amazon affiliate link.

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