Not Yet by Lisa Cox and Lori Hockema

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Not Yet by Lisa Cox and Lori Hockema

Lisa Cox and Lori Hockema have written this sweet book for children, about persevering through mistakes.

A little girl, Lorisa, faces the challenges of her day with her younger brother looking up to her and her dog, Doodle, by her side. She demonstrates for our readers what a growth mindset looks like. She has big dreams and an attitude of positive thinking that is going to take her into the future with all kinds of possibilities. Lorisa models for children that they have purpose and worth even if they make mistakes. She teaches them to enjoy the process of growing up. This book encourages children to dream big. The last pages of the book are designed for children to discover their own dreams. Lorisa reads the bracelet she wears each day to remind her to keep trying. She’ll get there. You bet! Is she there? Not Yet!

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