Oops we did it again!

In case you missed our BIG ANNOUNCEMENT the other day, we will be publishing a second book: Lose the Cape! Never Will I Ever … (and then I had kids!) and we want you in it! We are super excited about including pieces from moms and dads about how their standards have shifted since having children.

What were the things you SWORE you would never do before you had kids, but then found yourself doing them anyway?

Have you had your chance to pick up a copy of our first book? We are loving the reviews so far!

Like this one from Greta:

Greta Gfunkified


and this one from Jessica Dimas:

jessica dimas


and this one by Katy at Experienced Bad Mom:

katy experienced bad mom

So, what are you waiting for? Go get your copy and #losethecape with us!

Lose the Cape - Sized

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