Our voices matter, moms : Activism for Moms

Have you ever felt a stirring inside of you that you want to do more and be part of the bigger picture conversation? So do we. We’re strong proponents of encouraging activism for moms. Because if anyone can get stuff done… it’s mothers!

Do you feel like you want to be a part of the process for change?

Are you advocating for something for your children, spouse, family, school, yourself?

Are you overwhelmed by all of it and have NO idea where to start?

Do you wish that more people would talk about the things that matter in life and spend less time shaming and judging and all that crap?

You’re gonna LOVE our new project!


The Lose the Cape! Guide to Advocacy and Activism for Moms (and how to Raise Tiny Activists!)


What is this about?

It’s a compilation of stories from moms who want to be more involved, who want to set the example for their children and get them involved as well…

From hosting small events to make food for the homeless to launching a magazine to bring awareness to a topic, to grass roots rallies and organizations, this book is full of women who want to make a difference and show their kids why it’s important to be involved and SHOW UP.

The book is on PRE-ORDER on Amazon, but we’re looking for friends to download the free Advanced Review Copy in exchange for a review.

If you want to sign up for a copy – join the email below. This is only a list for the book launch, we won’t add you to our main list. 🙂 Promise.

THANK YOU. It’s time to make some changes in this world, and it’s going to be up to moms to make it happen.

Activist Moms