Parent Evaluation

PARENT evaluation

Parent Evaluation…

I think it’s important every now and then to evaluate myself as a parent. One of the ways that I do that is to let the girls pretend to be my mom when we play (sometimes they like for me to take my turn at being the mom too, but I explain we call that “real life” and try to get them to pick up-Game Over after that.)

Observing my daughters play “mom” allows me to get a window into their minds. If they are sweet mama’s then they get that from me.

If they are mean, then they have a skewed sense of reality and need intensive therapy. Of course.

Nina was up first tonight. Overall pretty sweet. Fed me (rocks), gave me water (rocks), and sang to me. When I said I have to go potty, she pointed to the yard and said “Go potty there!” In fairness to her, she isn’t potty trained. I’m not sure what I was expecting. I can respect her thought process and problem solving even if she’s still in diapers for the moment.

I assume her thought process went something like this: Hey, we never play in that lawn. Potty over there and then let’s eat and drink more rocks. I feel like we expect me to say something about liking my drinks on the rocks and not made up of rocks, but I’m going to resist.

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Sophie was next up. She didn’t sing to me. She fed me and overall was pretty nice. Here is the twist- and there always is with that kid. I asked her if I could wear her lipstick because she asks me all the time. I thought it might be cute for me to use her answer tomorrow morning. (I think cute, she thinks annoying-tomato, potato.) Sophie’s response to me in her best mom excited voice was “Yes, honey you can and I got you a new rope that you can wear around your neck!”

Sooo… I probably won’t be using that answer.

I mean, ok… here’s the deal, there are probably better ways to evaluate parenting. We shouldn’t really think too hard about all this. I never claimed to be an expert. It’s a dumb game anyway.

She probably meant necklace.

Do you ever try to evaluate your parenting skills? Are you doing better than me?