People with no kids just don’t always understand…

And before we had kids, we really didn’t either, did we? That screaming kid in the grocery store; the picky eater at the restaurant; the whiny kid everyone wants to avoid. Pre-kids you swore you would never let your child behave that way.  And then you got a reality check.

I saw this video yesterday and thought it was so appropriate for the launch of our new book TODAY! Lose the Cape: Never Will I Ever (and then I had kids!)  is out and available and just WAITING for you to order! 🙂

But this video made me laugh, and I thought – that is SO perfect for the launch of this book! Because while he is talking about the difference between people who DO and DON’T have kids, it goes right along with that theme of what we thought we knew before children. After all, once we were also those people with no kids.

And isn’t this the truth? You just don’t realize what parenting will be like until you are there IN THE MOMENT.

And it’s not always what we thought it would be, is it?

That’s why we wrote Lose the Cape: Never Will I Ever (and then I had kids!)

And we think you’ll love it.

Because we adore our readers, we have dropped the Kindle price to 0.99 for the grand LAUNCH! Help us get to the top of the Amazon charts, will you please?

This is a great book for you to give to the people with no kids that are in your life. Especially if they happen to think they know how to parent better than you! 🙂 But be nice about it!

Or, you can gift this person to someone who is feeling like they are failing at parenting. Because we provide 32 stories from moms and one dad about how once those kids came along, we quickly realized it was not as easy as we thought to be perfect parents with perfect kids!

Will you help us spread the word?

What’s the book about?

Lose the Cape: Never Will I Ever (and then I had kids!) (Kat Biggie Press, December 2015, $9.99). Never Will I Ever, edited by Alexa Bigwarfe and Kerry Rivera, (who also authored the first book in this series, Lose the Cape: Realities from Busy Modern Moms and Strategies to Survive) is a collection of essays by mothers (and one brave dad!) who share their stories of how they evolved as parents and learned that when it comes to raising children, we can never say never.

From breastfeeding to co-sleeping, pledging to feed our children all-natural, home-cooked meals and so forth, there often comes time where surviving parenthood supersedes your views and your “nevers” slip away.

With this book, parents will:

  • Realize they are not the only ones who had grandiose ideas of parenthood that were unrealistic.
  • Find camaraderie with other moms and dads who have fed their kids pizza and M&Ms, or let their child watch more than 30 minutes of television (gasp!).
  • Understand that before children, we knew nothing about being parents.
  • Find encouragement in the honest stories of life in the trenches of parenthood.

If you’re looking for an honest book of essays to help you feel better about your parenting “fails,” Lose the Cape: Never Will I Ever(and then I had kids!) is the perfect book for you!

You can read about all of our CONTRIBUTORS here.

Get your copy now! And let’s lose the cape together!

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