Meet Our January Social Media Sponsor: Balance Personal Fitness Training


Regular listeners of Lose the Cape! may remember Karen Rooff, who chatted with Alexa and Aubrey about her mission to help women live well-balanced lives. Karen is back as a sponsor of the podcast to launch her new e-course, created especially for women facing perimenopause.  You may be saying to yourself, “well, I have a looooooong way to go before I have to worry about that,” but here’s a newsflash for you: perimenopause can begin  ten years or more before you hit menopause! For a lot of women, perimenopausal symptoms appear in their forties, but women in their thirties can also see symptoms appear.

Either way, perimenopause is on every woman’s horizon eventually and some of our readers are already there. Survive & THRIVE Perimenopause is a six-week ecourse exploring the physiology, psychology, and reality of being a well-balanced woman 40+. Packed with videos describing the “what’s going on” of perimenopause and strategies for coping, we’ll take a deep-dive into hormone imbalance, weight gain, memory fog, and long-term health issues. Survive & THRIVE isn’t just about education. The course workbook guides students through self-assessments and action plans for creating a healthy, happy, balanced life.

Registration for Survive & THRIVE Perimenopause Winter 2018 opens on January 5 and the program kicks off January 15th.


Karen is also offering a FREE e-book that breaks down the top 7 women’s wellness myths.  Grab your e-book today!

More About Karen:

Karen Shopoff Rooff is a Women’s Wellness Warrior who champions realistic approaches to living a fit and healthy life. After earning certifications as a personal trainer & perinatal fitness specialist, Karen launched Balance Personal Fitness Training in 2008. In addition to in-person fitness, wellness, and health coaching, Karen facilitates self-directed ecourses and virtual bootcamps for clients worldwide. Her blog Running on Balance is known for excellent content regarding women’s health, particularly as related to the childbearing year and perimenopause. In her free time, Karen loves to travel to new places to run marathons and ultramarathons. But because she believes in balance, Karen is also an avid reader and backfloater (though not at the same time).
Karen holds a variety of fitness, wellness, and health coaching certifications (listed from date earned):
Personal Training, Perinatal Fitness Specialist, Group Exercise Specialist, Aqua Yoga Instructor, Prenatal Yoga Instructor, Women’s Wellness Coach , Aqua Yoga Specialist, Health Coach



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